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Normal Ranting Entry 1 - geezy365
Normal Ranting Entry 1
So most of us have the ability to wake up and know what the day will be like. That is no real wonder since how we wake up will set our mood for the rest of the day. Example: if we wake up feeling like we rule the world, well, that feeling might stay with us for the majority part of the day. If we wake up sluggish with no energy, chances are, we will feel as if we're going through the motions for the remainder of the day. I understand the concept so well yet I cannot get my head around it. It is quite bizarre that one event can affect your whole day. Our lives are based on the Domino Effect (if one domino falls, it will knock the rest until stopped or finished). It is a crazy but common idea. I do not know where I am going with this entry but I just feel like writing today and what better place to do it than LiveJournal? Since this might not contribute to my readers'(if I have any) intelligence, I shall stop here. 

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