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When Boredom Turns to Inspiration - geezy365
When Boredom Turns to Inspiration

I usually tend to admire being bored. It is a sort of luxury if you ask me. Anyone can be bored but it takes experience to learn how to cope with boredom. You see, boredom does not imply that you have nothing to do, it implies having the opportunity to do anything you want to do. The option overload may be overwhelming but when creativity sparks, you become unstoppable. 

Five minutes ago, I decided to write a kids book for my niece. Something she could read as a bedtime book, something that she will love for years to come. The challenging part, however, is writing the book. The idea is set, it is just constructing the proper sentences. Contrary to the popular belief, kids are not dumb, they are not slow. But as I grow older, my creativity cannot compete with my niece’s. Which brings the ultimate challenge. How can I write something she will love without limiting her creativity and without imploding my own?

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