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Yesterday, I got the idea of writing a children's story for my niece. It was going to be a simple book and I was going to draw out the pages as well so it would be almost like a coloring book. However, while coming up with the basic ingredients for the story, the detail for the book expanded and now it might take me until Christmas to finish it. It was suppose to finish it by Thanksgiving but why limit an upcoming incredible story? I'm still working on perfecting the first chapter. I have written down what I want to write but I am non-content with what is written. Oh well, now I have an innovative project to do for a month. Yay! 

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I usually tend to admire being bored. It is a sort of luxury if you ask me. Anyone can be bored but it takes experience to learn how to cope with boredom. You see, boredom does not imply that you have nothing to do, it implies having the opportunity to do anything you want to do. The option overload may be overwhelming but when creativity sparks, you become unstoppable. 

Five minutes ago, I decided to write a kids book for my niece. Something she could read as a bedtime book, something that she will love for years to come. The challenging part, however, is writing the book. The idea is set, it is just constructing the proper sentences. Contrary to the popular belief, kids are not dumb, they are not slow. But as I grow older, my creativity cannot compete with my niece’s. Which brings the ultimate challenge. How can I write something she will love without limiting her creativity and without imploding my own?

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What’s a bad habit that you really need to quit?

My ultimate bad habit is anxiety. I over think everything because of this. I feel afraid to commit or even grow to the idea that I'm important because of this. So yeah, when I can stop being nervous and afraid; I can start living life the way I am meant to live it.

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Where do you see yourself in five years or where don’t you see yourself? Why?

I don't see myself anywhere in 5 years. I keep trying to look at what wonders I can come up with but I keep hitting a mental block. In high school, I would see myself everywhere; but once life got real, I feel frozen. My dreams stood still, and I've grown worried of everything. I guess I just have trouble committing to such ideas. 

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What was the biggest lesson learned from your adolescence?

The biggest lesson I learned was "just because you don't express your emotions does not mean you're not feeling them. Just because you ignore your emotions does not mean they're not important. Speak up, speak out or manage them; controlling them will just lead to a break down.

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So I've noticed that the best things in life come unexpected. Most of us have been taught "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail" but in reality, planning is just an future achievement to be accomplished; but when something so wonderfully unexpected occurs, we learned to cherish the blessing. We all love to plan, mostly for the power of control. I learned the hard way that control is not what you allow to happen or prevent, control is how you manage the situation. It takes courage to step into the unknown blind and yet we do it every time we wake up to a brand new day. Every time we exit our houses or every time we get into the car expecting to make it to our destination. We can all plan a destination, or a goal, but the real adventure is the journey in between. The journey is always uncertain. It contains bumpy roads, stop signs, traffic lights, traffic, cracks, crashes, road repairs, detours and whatever other road analogy you can come up with. Take this essay for example, my whole point was to write "don't fear the unexpected, live it" and wound up writing a paragraph to explain a simple point. So I'll leave you with that for now.

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So most of us have the ability to wake up and know what the day will be like. That is no real wonder since how we wake up will set our mood for the rest of the day. Example: if we wake up feeling like we rule the world, well, that feeling might stay with us for the majority part of the day. If we wake up sluggish with no energy, chances are, we will feel as if we're going through the motions for the remainder of the day. I understand the concept so well yet I cannot get my head around it. It is quite bizarre that one event can affect your whole day. Our lives are based on the Domino Effect (if one domino falls, it will knock the rest until stopped or finished). It is a crazy but common idea. I do not know where I am going with this entry but I just feel like writing today and what better place to do it than LiveJournal? Since this might not contribute to my readers'(if I have any) intelligence, I shall stop here. 

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