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The Unexpected: Paragraph 1 - geezy365
The Unexpected: Paragraph 1
So I've noticed that the best things in life come unexpected. Most of us have been taught "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail" but in reality, planning is just an future achievement to be accomplished; but when something so wonderfully unexpected occurs, we learned to cherish the blessing. We all love to plan, mostly for the power of control. I learned the hard way that control is not what you allow to happen or prevent, control is how you manage the situation. It takes courage to step into the unknown blind and yet we do it every time we wake up to a brand new day. Every time we exit our houses or every time we get into the car expecting to make it to our destination. We can all plan a destination, or a goal, but the real adventure is the journey in between. The journey is always uncertain. It contains bumpy roads, stop signs, traffic lights, traffic, cracks, crashes, road repairs, detours and whatever other road analogy you can come up with. Take this essay for example, my whole point was to write "don't fear the unexpected, live it" and wound up writing a paragraph to explain a simple point. So I'll leave you with that for now.

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